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You could say...

that I’ve always had a thing for textiles. The first six years of my life, I never went anywhere without my pink-white-and-blue blanket—hand-knitted by one of my social worker mother’s clients and given to her when I was born. It was more than just the softness of the yarn that explains my early attachment to the blanket; the care that went into every stitch was undeniable.

I’ve been fortunate to parlay my long-held affection for textiles and patterns into a successful career designing and developing fabrics, rugs, bedding and wallcoverings in collaboration with world-renowned interior designers and furniture makers—Barbara Barry, Jiun Ho, Schumacher and McGuire, among others. Living in vibrant cities such as LA, New York and now San Francisco, along with travels that have taken me from mills and showrooms to sidewalk stalls and flea markets, provides infinite sources of inspiration.

While I hold a deep appreciation for the traditional techniques employed by weavers, often passed down from generation to generation, I also get a thrill from witnessing innovative ideas take shape. Even after more than two decades in this industry, I’m still excited to see what small-batch creations the mills and editors are devising to keep things interesting. Is it a super-fine chenille yarn? An ingenious use of hemp that produces a luxuriously soft hand? And what new patterns, hues and textures will the endlessly creative in-house designers at these firms present next?

At the heart of my fascination with textiles (and food and wine and cocktails…) is the creative process: the diverse ways in which creativity flows (or sometimes, frustratingly, doesn’t) for different people. This journal is a celebration of that process, highlighting goods and artisans, including those spotted at the January trade shows. My obsessions with travel and food yield some museum as well as restaurant recommendations, too. The hope is that The Textile Eye offers you a chance to recharge with a glimpse of beautiful work, cutting-edge concepts, fresh colors and stunning craftsmanship.

Many thanks,

Saana Baker